Portrait photography and photojournalism are two potentially intense and powerful art forms that don’t always get the recognition they deserve, so we thought we should show you some of the most powerful and diverse portraits of people around the world that we’ve ever seen.

Both the faces of the people in these photos and their contexts speak volumes about the people pictured and the worlds they live in. Some can be unimaginably and even horrifically different from ours, while other once-exotic worlds seem to grow closer and more interconnected with our own. Though they are only photos, looking into their eyes can still give us a feeling of connection.

26This is Sandra. She's 25 and just started her own falconry

27A hippie dad walking with his daughter in Amsterdam, 1968

28Japanese Nurse dressed in black during the Russo-Japanese War

29Two children on a bank in Alabama, 1956

30Woman in Blue

31Weeping for a fallen Marine

32Two cute humans sharing a smile

33Nihang Sikh, photo by Mark Hartman

34An elder of the Karo tribe rests with his head on his wooden head-rest which protects his clay hairdo. Every man carries a headrest which doubles as a stool. Duss, Omo Valley, Ethiopia

35Mayan street Vendor in Playa del Carmen

36Child sleeping with Reindeer in Mongolia

37Dancer in Dublin

38Ethiopian beggar boy with blue eyes on the streets of Jinka, by Mike Eloff

39My friend and her giant laugh

40Fan of Heavy Metal in Sub-Saharan Africa

41West African exiled desert rock group Tinariwen

4218 year old goalie Malcolm Subban after being drafted in the first round by the Bruins

43Girls playing cricket in Pakistan

44A woman's last moments with her friend

45The Beauty of Ireland

46Fresh French Fries

47A young boy plays with his tablet while his mother smokes with a friend

48Old Russian couple from Khalilov village, Russia, have been happily married for 65 years

49Ethnic Even girl, Topolinoe village, Verkhoyansk mountains, Yakutia, Siberia, Russia

50Little girl and her horned lizard at the Venice beach pet show, California, 1936


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