Most of us hate organizing stuff in the right way since it takes so much time. But New Jersey-based visual artist Adam Hillman enjoys this process. As a matter of fact, he likes it so much that his Instagram account is almost entirely dedicated to his various organizing efforts. Hillman takes different colorful everyday objects like lollipops, crayons, or buttons and then organizes them into mesmerizing patterns. We were so impressed with his work that we had to share it with you. Take a look at this colorful perfection below.

26Brain Food (red cabbage)

27Paper cut

28Creme Cut (made with original, strawberry shortcake, lemon, chocolate, and peanut butter Oreos)


30Wedged In

31Fit to eat (made with milk chocolate and oreo creme)


33Dum Diminish

34Going Bananas

35Computer Nerd

36Xtreme Pattern

37Wedged in

38Play money

39Hot button issue

40Worm Squirm

41Perl ups

42Pinteresting pattern


44Food Pyramid

45Cutting in line

46Cracking up

47Playing with your food


49Post it modern

50Egg yolk circle


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