We naturally measure things against ourselves. That is why we have measure things by the foot. There is also the human-sized scale is what we are used to. Our houses are typically built to this natural scale. A man feels comfortable walking through doorways. The ceiling neither bumps his head, nor is lost in the shadows. We have compiled pics of humongous things with humans for scale which gives us a perspective of how large they really are.

1General Sherman, the largest tree in the world

2NASA's humongous crawler-transporter and mobile launcher platform stack used to transport rockets

3Ice climbing wall, British Columbia

4Argentinosaurus leg

5Inside an Italian marble quarry

6This horse. 2,500lb

7Quetzalcoatlus northropi model next to a 1.8m man

8 Big Lonely Doug, a Douglas-fir tree on Vancouver Island

9The stage at Bregenz Festival, Austria.

10 Stacks of lumber drying in Seattle, 1919

11 A team from the University of Michigan recovers a Woolly Mammoth skull in a farmer's field in Lima Township, Michigan

12A Dolos Sea Defence Structure

13Wheels of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese in an aging room, Bibbiano, Italy

14File storage system, Czechoslovakia, 1937

15The world's tallest palm trees in Cocora Valley, Colombia

16 Props from original Star Wars trilogy

17 Insane perspective on just how immense The Great Pyramid of Giza is

18The largest freestanding boulder on Earth

19Giant Plant Pot

201915 Pacific Northwest Lumberjacks

21 Worlds largest wine barrel, 6'2' humans for scale

221600 Swedish Warship (Vasa) at the Vasa Museum

23Queen Mary 2 and its Captain for scale

24Statue of a Moa - extinct flightless bird was the dominant herbivores in New Zealand's forest. It was hunted to extinction by Māori 1300-1440

25Traffic Lights seem a lot bigger up close


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