In some videogames a character has multiple Life Meters. You might have to deplete all or just one of them to defeat them. So sometimes when you think you’ve killed a boss, it starts a new phase with another health bar. Below we have compiled a list of 80 Pics showcasing Hilarious Cases of Real Life 2 Health Bars.

51This cup promoting this cup promoting this cup promoting this cup promoting this cup

52Just in case you forgot who runs the firm

53This pill I'm taking has little pills inside it

54Skull wearing a skull

55Healthy fruit

56A tree within a tree

57Double thirsty

58This mini-Rolex

59This microscope came with 3 levels of USB

60My girlfriend has a dresser on top of her dresser

61Toilet and toilette-ette

62This Tent

63Flip-flops on flip-flops


65A tie made of ties

66Banana on a banana

67The Wall

68This mouse I saw at a client's site recently

69Cat on a cat

70This tree growing inside another tree

71A bird flying on a flying bird


73The heel of these heels is heels

74Phase shift

75Double polka dot


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