In some videogames a character has multiple Life Meters. You might have to deplete all or just one of them to defeat them. So sometimes when you think you’ve killed a boss, it starts a new phase with another health bar. Below we have compiled a list of 80 Pics showcasing Hilarious Cases of Real Life 2 Health Bars.

26Mandarin double time

27This town hall has a mascot of itself

28Elmo wearing himself as he watches himself

29This car has a smaller car inside it

30Ready for some serious walking

31When I try to open up to someone

32My coffee this morning

33A gun that holds another gun

34The back of this van

35Super Ultra sun protection

36My plan to eat dark chocolate was foiled unexpectedly

37Potato masher handle fell apart in the dishwasher

38The battery from my ceiling fan remote broke open exposing multiple smaller batteries

39My boyfriend's dice

40Your primitive weapons were never a threat

41Iron Man helmet inside of an Iron man helmet

42Annoying book stickers

43Opening an electric box door in the restroom

44Just in case you didn’t see the first one

45I picked up my prescription today



48Nutella jar jar

49Just when you thought you were safe

50This coke bottle


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