In some videogames a character has multiple Life Meters. You might have to deplete all or just one of them to defeat them. So sometimes when you think you’ve killed a boss, it starts a new phase with another health bar. Below we have compiled a list of 80 Pics showcasing Hilarious Cases of Real Life 2 Health Bars.

1Two health bars at FedEx


3Samuel L. L. L. Jackson

4Take that ridiculous thing off

5This mouse

6The dog's ear is another dog

7Oversized on or off switch... with an on or off switch

8I thought this place was closing but it was just entering phase 2

9Painting nature

10Hat hat

11It just won't die

12The true saviour this town needs

13Posing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa

14How to tell if a fashion designer has a stutter

15There is a micro SD card in this SD card

16This crab claw grew another smaller claw


18The license plate on a license plate

19One head short of a Cerberus

20Controllers on my controller


22This fan’s blades are fans

23This apple has an apple on it

24They're evolving

25Iron man with removable iron man mask


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