It looks like shirts with English words are a biggest trend right now in Asia, and it’s a nice thing, except for the fact that most of the time what’s supposed to be written on those garments get totally lost in translation. Lucky for us, the bad translations are totally hilarious. On the other hand, I think about all those shirts with Japanese or Chinese characters people wear here. There’s probably somebody on the other side of the world making fun of them as well.

51Area man captures what happens when civilian is told their shirt is dope swipe

52I live for this kind of stuff

53I had a dream the other night that I was drenched in fries


55Someone that makes you wish to have more middle fingers

56When you shy so you wear your emotions

57I imagine Kanye says this every morning

58Set your goals

59Pray for my men, school ruined his life


61Ayi fashion forward AF

62Double tap to die

63I tryna be social like

64Don’t worry mate, I was there once... it gets better

65Mandatory longboarder apparel

66Finally accepting my true self

67Monday vibes

68Waking up Sunday morning like

69Waking up Sunday morning like

70My boy straight flexing on em

71It’s a way of life

72Hump day motivation

73When you wake up to a thick glass of water after a long night of hitting the baijiu

74What a vision

75One of Shakespeare’s better quotes


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