It looks like shirts with English words are a biggest trend right now in Asia, and it’s a nice thing, except for the fact that most of the time what’s supposed to be written on those garments get totally lost in translation. Lucky for us, the bad translations are totally hilarious. On the other hand, I think about all those shirts with Japanese or Chinese characters people wear here. There’s probably somebody on the other side of the world making fun of them as well.

26How it really be sometimes

27Wish my drugs didn’t have morning side effects

28Hypebeasts hate this guy

29Little known but this a Shakespeare quote


31When it’s time to go to work

32Translation Fail Maybe

33When the person at the ticket booth says enjoy your movie and you say you too

34Say it loud, Say it proud

35Would you rather have a penis apple

36Shoutout to all my ladies out there

37That tuck tho

38420 blaze it

39Area woman finally finds soft porn friendly child day care

40Feels like I’ve been on this tour all my life

41Moms always right

42My man just cracked the code

43And on the 7th-day, God declared war on figs

44Can’t wait for Friday

45My girl just screwed the fashion world up

46Sorry I’m not able to blow you tonight I’m

47Saturday morning mood

48Best bitch

49Favourite beer lady

50When someone tells me it looks like I have a case of the Mondays


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