It looks like shirts with English words are a biggest trend right now in Asia, and it’s a nice thing, except for the fact that most of the time what’s supposed to be written on those garments get totally lost in translation. Lucky for us, the bad translations are totally hilarious. On the other hand, I think about all those shirts with Japanese or Chinese characters people wear here. There’s probably somebody on the other side of the world making fun of them as well.

1Only condition... I’m not taking off these MF glasses

2After you have said, damn that’s crazy for the 17th time

3Hide yo kids yo wife

4Word on the street is he is running for office on this campaign slogan

5Well that’s straight to the point

6Yezzy making quite the impact here in Mainland China

7Not even a wife beater could stop those perky nips

8It's not ok

9Cute family

10Don’t mind if I do

11Happy holidays

12This man starts singing Thriller to your girl, what you gonna do?

13Give away

14Itty bitty titty committee about to wage war

15Waking up Saturday morning like

16When your phone is fully charged so you can roll to the other side of the bed

17Don’t mind if I do

18She is trying her best

19Felt cute might delete


21Thailand Observed

22Yooo where my kush puppies

23My Religion

24When Keke responds

25Sex is cute


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