Shopping has long been misgendered as a woman’s activity. And the trope of a miserable man dejectedly carrying his wife’s purse around the mall while she shops is honestly more harmful to women than anything. So I want to say that we don’t know why the men highlighted on the Miserable Men Instagram account are miserable. They are usually in public places, stores, malls, etc. What I do know is that as a woman, it feels good to see men look less than thrilled with their circumstances. It’s about time.

So scroll down to check out the pictures of miserable husbands and boyfriends shopping with their significant others and the all-consuming agony they endure.

76It's a war zone out there. Women trying on clothes and miserable men scattered about the store

77The official stare of all miserable men

78She trained him well. Poor guy

79She insisted on him going to the market with her and that's as far as he'll go. Through the door and in the first seat he could find

80Just another veteran of the shopping experience


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