Shopping has long been misgendered as a woman’s activity. And the trope of a miserable man dejectedly carrying his wife’s purse around the mall while she shops is honestly more harmful to women than anything. So I want to say that we don’t know why the men highlighted on the Miserable Men Instagram account are miserable. They are usually in public places, stores, malls, etc. What I do know is that as a woman, it feels good to see men look less than thrilled with their circumstances. It’s about time.

So scroll down to check out the pictures of miserable husbands and boyfriends shopping with their significant others and the all-consuming agony they endure.

51A man's gotta do what a men gotta do, wait

52Yeah, laugh all you want a kid. You're laughing at your future

53... and it’s looking pretty, pretty, pretty miserable.

54Have fun shopping today miserable men! Don't forget to charge your phones so you have something to do for the next 4 hours


56He seems to be enjoying his day at the mall

57Wipe those tears and just accept it. You're done. This is your life now

58In Brazil

59The Plight of Man

60I thought we were going to stand our ground this year and stay home

61What are they looking at on their phones?

62This poor sap's just praying for it all to end

63This is what happens when you put your guy through years of shopping. Their bellies pop out and they don't even bother putting on real shoes anymore

64Weekend at Bernie' or just another weekend at Barneys

65The official position of all Miserable Men

66Suck it up, buddy. You'll take a nap when she's done in a few hours

67The rough scene at the mall

68Like father, like son, Miserable men to the end

69It can be lonely out there for a man in a mall. All that waiting. All that wondering about where he went wrong in life

70That guy is a stone cold miserable man

71That's right, Forever, miserable men for life

72Rough scene

73That's right. It's never gonna end

74Just a dude waitin' on his chick

75Kid Down


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