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80 Funny Pics that Captured ‘Miserable Men’ Waiting for their Partners to Finish Shopping

Shopping has long been misgendered as a woman’s activity. And the trope of a miserable man dejectedly carrying his wife’s purse around the mall while she shops is honestly more harmful to women than anything. So I want to say that we don’t know why the men highlighted on the Miserable Men Instagram account are miserable. They are usually in public places, stores, malls, etc. What I do know is that as a woman, it feels good to see men look less than thrilled with their circumstances. It’s about time.

So scroll down to check out the pictures of miserable husbands and boyfriends shopping with their significant others and the all-consuming agony they endure.

26Someone who still can dress like a man, no wonder he has that stare with all those misfits surrounding him

27Git in the car kids. Momma wants a new getup for Mother's Day

28Big sale. Exciting sale. Best sale ever

29I feel ya

30O.G. knows how to roll with the punches. It's Saturday and she wants to go shopping but he wants to play Solitaire. Problem solved

31Sometimes ya gotta unbuckle Al Bundy style and wait

32Said Whaaat

33Nobody cares where Waldo is. This is just another photo of a man buried in merchandise

34It's almost over buddy. Next year it'll be different. I promise

35What's with that belt, Did she strap him to the bench

36Four ways to deal with being miserable

37Hungry Bird

38Don't give into the dark side. Turn back to the light my friend

39Dit account is echt gripping

40No amount of time in a massage chair can erase the hours waiting for her. But, I don't blame 'em for trying

41Stairway to Hell

42Throwin' that shade

43I like this guy's style. Two Big Gulps. Solid frown. I could do without the sandals though. Miserable man to the core

44The Lineup

45Bingo!!! We have a winner

46Trying to choke himself out

47Dear God, please make her hurry up

48Miserable men in Poland

49Miserable men waiting for their wives

50The first rule of the Miserable Men Club is: You do not talk about Miserable Men. The second rule is: You do not talk to fellow Miserable Men. The third rule of Miserable Men Club is... who cares, you're miserable

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