Shopping has long been misgendered as a woman’s activity. And the trope of a miserable man dejectedly carrying his wife’s purse around the mall while she shops is honestly more harmful to women than anything. So I want to say that we don’t know why the men highlighted on the Miserable Men Instagram account are miserable. They are usually in public places, stores, malls, etc. What I do know is that as a woman, it feels good to see men look less than thrilled with their circumstances. It’s about time.

So scroll down to check out the pictures of miserable husbands and boyfriends shopping with their significant others and the all-consuming agony they endure.

1The Dead

2Weekend Vibes

3Here you have the basic evolution of a relationship. First, he rolls in as an upright individual with a fancy bow tie. Then just another man broke down and waiting

4He’s assuming the position a little early this year. Holiday sales are just starting but I guess he’s gotta prep his dome piece ahead of time

5It's a Man's world

6He’s so zoned out from waiting - I’m wondering if he’ll notice it when another guy mistakes him for a chair

7Sunday Funday

8Looks like a nice little Sunday outing with the fam

9Swipe, swipe, swipe

10Got them dressing room blues

11Better check the balance on that credit card while ya wait

12Gonna be drunk by the time she’s done

13Just another shot of dreaming of being anywhere other than on a store's sample couch

14Ahhh Dadgummit


16Oh, don't worry, he's gonna be so excited about what you picked out when he wakes up

17Waiting patiently, Or crying himself to sleep

18The Scream

19Hey uncle Matt. This is Ainsley. I’m on my friend's phone. Why were you in Victoria’s Secret

20I'd be careful snapping photos of this dude. He seems tense

21Partying on the 4th of July

22Happy Father's Day

23Love this guy


25Needs to be fed


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