Since the dawn of home computing, human beings have had a love-hate relationship with computers and all related technologies. We’ve loved what they can do for us from entertainment and productivity standpoints, but the minute something goes wrong, we’re ready to break out the Sledge-O-Matic and go all Gallagher on them.

Still, sometimes a computer error can transcend aggravation and tickle our funny bones. Here at PiQueen we’ve seen some pretty funny error messages in our times and in the cases of these 84 Funniest Software Errors, it’s a tad hard to stay angry.

51Welcome to New Jersey, I present you with this levitating error dialog box. Please touch my crotch to proceed

52Same here

53I just wanted to wash my hands

54Solid unit conversion, Siri!

55Phew, almost couldn't buy it

56Uhh okay


58Hmm yes

59A relatable billboard at my university

60I believe my iPod requires 2 musical sacrifices

61When simply being broken isn't enough

62My great-grand mother’s computer

63Thanks for the suggestion Google

64All right, let me just rotate my computer

65This birth year drop down menu

66Well, now I’m not too sure

67I can explain, officer

68Uh oh

69Everything is fine

70Apocalyptic weather occurring in Canada

71Hmm, I don't remember this episode of Spongebob

72Display model. Really selling it guys

73I think I got the Australian version of Origin

74Select your language, Human

75I save, therefore I am


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