The history of the world is indeed intriguing. There have been events and personalities that have changed its course over time. The rare historical photos on this list provide insight into the lives of people from all over the world. Once taken merely to document their present, they now help us witness the past. Many images only become iconic shots years later, once we understand their importance and historical context. From historical landmarks and famous people to the basic daily routines of the past, these old photos portray the history in a way that we can empathize with and understand more intimately.

76Violet Jessop was an Irish Argentine nurse and stewardess that not only survived the Titanic in 1912 but also survived the sinking of her sister ship, Britannic in 1916

77Couple Skateboarding, the 1960s

In 1965, LIFE magazine wrote that skateboarding is "the most exhilarating and dangerous joyriding device this side of the hot rod. A two-foot piece of wood or plastic mounted on wheels, it yields to the skillful user the excitements of skiing or surfing. To the unskilled, it gives the effect of having stepped on a banana peel while dashing down the back stairs. It is also a menace to limb and even to life.”

78Gunnar Kaasen and his team of 13 dogs, led by the Siberian husky, Balto

Gunnar Kaasen and his team of 13 dogs, led by the Siberian husky, Balto, completed the last leg of a 1925 trip to deliver 300,000 units of diphtheria antitoxin to Nome, Alaska. Kaasen and his dogs traveled at night, almost entirely in the dark, facing winds so strong that at one point, his sled flipped over, almost losing the serum. Temperatures were -23 °F (-31 °C) and visibility were so poor, he could not even see his hands in front of this face. According to Kaasen, the final musher and his dogs were asleep, so he pressed on in order to complete the trip as quickly as possible. The team traveled a total of 54.3 miles (87 km). It should be noted that while Balto became immortalized for his efforts, Togo the Sled Dog was the one who completed the most difficult part of the delivery and traveled the longest at 200 miles (322 km)

79Saturn Devouring his son by Goya

80In 1982, a 4-year-old boy was hit in the head by a foul ball. Instead of waiting for the ambulance to arrive, baseball player, Jim Rice picked him up and brought him to the dugout


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