Love archaeology but hate dust, dirt and human remains? You’re in luck. The following list of amazing archaeological finds will take you on a trip through time and across the globe, but without all the mess (or the jetlag).

51Bejeweled teeth on Maya skull, Chiapas, 900 A.D

52Archaeologists study a colossal Olmec stone head in La Venta, Mexico, 1947

53Head of a Ceremonial War Hammer, circa 1575, Italian

54Lamassu in Louvre Museum. Lammasu from Sargon II palace at Dur-Sharrukin, 8 the c. BCE. Photo by Kees Scherer took in 1968

55Bezoar stone found in gastrointestinal system decorated with filigree gold, 16 the c. Supposed to have magic qualities

56Plate with Wife Beating Husband, Made in Dinant or Malines, Netherlands, ca. 1480

57Witch's whistle with death skull and rat’s foot, probably 1800 - 1899, Europe

58Pair of flintlock pistols Netherlands 1655–1670

59The oldest 'Bill of rights' The reforms of Urukagina, Sumeria, 2500-2350 B.C

60Hunting Sword with Scabbard, possibly Munich, ca. 1740

61Tutankhamun's meteoric iron dagger, 14th c. BC. The dagger predates commonplace iron smelting and in its time would have been worth more than gold

62The Dark Queen, statue probably depicting the Ptolemaic queen Cleopatra III Discovered in the lost, sunken city of Thonis-Heracleion

63Ritual Mask of Legendary 7th century Maya King Pakal the Great has been unearthed in Mexico

64Ancient Egyptian rock crystal ring, carved into the shape of a sphinx. The ring dates to the 19th-20th dynasty, or 1295-1069 BCE.

Credit: E.

65The Pazyryk Carpet, the oldest known surviving carpet in the world, 5th century BC. Scythian

66Viking helmet from a mid-7th-century boat grave

67Shigir Idol- the oldest wooden statue in the world, Russia,

68The Tooth Worm as Hell’s Demon’, the 18th-century depiction of the tooth worm believed by many in the past to bore holes in teeth and cause toothaches

69Executioner sword with inscription "When I raise this sword, so I wish that this poor sinner will receive eternal life." Germany

70Oldest New World-Depicting Globe dating back to circa 1500 – 1504 AD

71The western staircase leading to the roof of the Temple of the Goddess Hathor, Egypt. 2300 years old

72Hand mirror decorated with the head of Medusa, Greece 500–480 B.C

73Necklace with the name of Senusret II, ca. 1887–1878 BC

74Wheel Lock Volley Gun with 9 Barrels by Hans Breitfelter, 1671

75Hellenistic gold openwork hairnet with medallion, Greece, ca 200-150 B


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