Love archaeology but hate dust, dirt and human remains? You’re in luck. The following list of amazing archaeological finds will take you on a trip through time and across the globe, but without all the mess (or the jetlag).

26Humble wooden figurine, Peruvian central coast, Late Intermediate Period 1000 - 1476 CE

27Sleeping Cat. Ivory, 19th century, Japan

28The ancient Roman helmet was worn by the elite Roman cavalry equities, Romani. 2000 years old

29Perfectly preserved shoes of Damendorf Man,300 B.C., Germany

30Viking age sword discovered at Loppi, Finland. The sword was found by a metal detecting hobbyist from his own farmstead. He promptly informed Finnish National Board of Antiquities

31 Samnite bronze helmet and neck-guard from 450 BC. The Samnites were a sworn enemy of Rome in Italy. They were literally annihilated by Sulla in I Century BC

32Human RemainsThe Tomb of the Lord of Sipan, the Michigan warrior priest, as it was discovered, Huaca Rajada, Peru, ca 300 A.D

33Ernst Christiansen and Lis Therkelsen with the 3,000-year-old Sword they discovered in Denmark

34Neolithic amber bear amulet, ca 1750 - 650 B.C.

35Italian sculptor Giovanni Strazza's 'The Veiled Virgin'

36Art nouveau necklace 'Fuchsias' by Georges Fouquet, 1905. Visible in Petit Palais, Paris

37Cavalry ax, Middle East 1735

38The Blue-Gold Armour of Maximilian II

39Ring carved from carnelian and adorned with a resting Lion. Egypt, 18th Dynasty. 1550 to 1292 BC.

40'Bocca Della veritá', this curious Roman artifact scared liars for centuries, Rome, ca 200 B.C.

41Perfectly preserved ancient Roman gate in Lugo, Spain. Lugo is the only city in the world to be surrounded by completely intact Roman walls from 3rd century CE

42A ceramic jar filled with thousands of bronze coins was recently unearthed at the site of a 15th-century samurai’s residence just north of Tokyo

43Tibetan carved skull, Tibet, ca 1700 AD

44Skull of a soldier found wearing medieval chain mail, recovered from the site of the battle of Visby, Gotland, ca. 1361

45Emerald pocket watch from Cheapside Hoard, Europe, 1600

46Augustus of Prima Porta statue and how it looked originally. 1st century AD

47Griffon Bourguignotte by Negroli

48An Iranian battle-mask from the Safavid Dynasty

49Stone turtle - one of the few remains of the Karakorum, the medieval capital of the Mongol Empire

50Ancient Roman army knife, made from silver and holding several tools, 200 AD, Italy


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