Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our grandparents were once our age: carefree youngsters fooling around, falling in love, dreaming, and creating their own life story. However, back in those days, many of our grandparents were much cooler and daring than us. We at PiQueen compiled a list of 30 photos, thanks to which the younger generation learned a bit more about their family and took a lot of pride in their ancestors.

51My grandfather being badass

52My grandfather, the magician (1940s)

53The world needs to see this picture of my grandfather waterskiing

54My great grandfather and his horse in Germany during ww1

55My 94-year-old grandma smoking a cigarette in the 1940s

56My grandma died this past week and I found this picture of her. I think its pretty sweet

57A portrait of my grandmother, 1970 - Iran

58My grandpa looking devilishly handsome in the '40s

59My grandmother demonstrating the three-point belt as a model for Volvo in 1959

60My grandparents in the 70’s just after moving to the states from South Korea

61My grandpa in the ‘60s looking like he walked out of a Ray-Bans ad

62My friend's grandparents, California 1940s

63My grandfather and his bass guitar, 1967

64My grandmother as a teenager, posing on a motorcycle- 1960’s

65A photo of herself that my grandmother sent to my grandfather when he was away at war, 1943

66My grandmother modeling a Christian Dior wedding gown in the 1940s

67My wonderful grandmother turns 101 today. Her memories of dancing with Mikhail Fokine’s company in the 1930s are some of her best. Here she is in the lead-up to those years (c. 1933)

68My grandmother looking like a real-life Disney princess 1955

69Found this gem of my grandma being cute as a button circa the 1940s. She was a factory worker in Detroit during the war

70My great grandfather showing off one of the horses he trained for World War 1 - Petawawa, ~1922

711935 - my grandfather in Sydney, smiling after being released from prison for being an illegal immigrant from Sweden

72My grandpa wrestling a bear, drunk, and losing. Circa 1961

73My grandpa looking suave in the 1940s

74My grandpa, rolling hard through Germany near the end of World War II. The picture is from the 1940s

75My grandmother during WWII. She is around 16 years old here


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