Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our grandparents were once our age: carefree youngsters fooling around, falling in love, dreaming, and creating their own life story. However, back in those days, many of our grandparents were much cooler and daring than us. We at PiQueen compiled a list of 30 photos, thanks to which the younger generation learned a bit more about their family and took a lot of pride in their ancestors.

26My grandmother, 1949. Her neighbor handmade her wedding dress for $40

27A selfie from 1951. My Dutch grandfather testing his new camera

28Here's a photo I found in my late grandmother's photo stash. I believe they're my great-great grandparents

29My great grandmother and her pet fox

30My 87-year-old grandmother just posted this to facebook. They have been married for 69 years this year

31My great grandfather with rescued baby owls on his flower farm (the 1920s)

32My great grandfather gave Einstein violin lessons

33Found my grandfather's WWII book. Happened to come across this interesting picture

34My favorite picture of my grandparents. My grandfather had just got back from war

35My grandma at a 1920's party

36My grandma still looked majestic after her sixth child (1956)

37This is a pic of my grandfather. I don't think my grandma would have been much of a challenge for him

38My Grandpap's favorite picture of him and my Grandma in the '50s

391940 color photo (my grandma and grandpa)

40My grandpa taking a selfie in 1935

41My grandpa with his sled dogs in Antarctica 1953

42My grandpa with his sister

43My grandma recently passed. My grandpa sent me this picture so I could know what a man looks like when he is in love. They have been married for 60+ years

44My grandpa at the age of 17 in 1947

45My grandpa passed away last week. Here he is looking cool as balls back in 1958

46My grandpa might have forgotten to tell me that he has a license to Kill

47My grandma circa 1938. Grandpa carried this pic in his field book during WWII

48My favorite picture of my grandparents taken shortly after they got married before my grandpa entered WWII

49My grandparents in 1980s

50My grandfather defusing a bomb on MLK's porch. He was buried three years ago on MLK day


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