Sometimes it’s hard to believe that our grandparents were once our age: carefree youngsters fooling around, falling in love, dreaming, and creating their own life story. However, back in those days, many of our grandparents were much cooler and daring than us. We at PiQueen compiled a list of 30 photos, thanks to which the younger generation learned a bit more about their family and took a lot of pride in their ancestors.

1Grandma sent me a picture of my grandpa at my age to make me feel like shit

2A week ago my Grandmother passed away. She loved these pics from her younger days

3My grandma and her Irish Wolfhound from 1974

4My grandmother, a pilot for the British ATA during WW2, just after climbing out of the cockpit of her spitfire in 1944

5My grandma and grandpa dressing up as each other in the 1940s

6My very cool grandpa in the 1950s holding a fish, smoking a cigarette, with a book tucked into his pants and cigarette pack in his sleeve

7The last time I ever drank rum - My grandma in 1958

8Both my grandfathers fought in WWII, but against one another

9My mother's favorite picture of my Grandfather, 1991

10My grandpa just turned 90 last Friday. Here he is in the 50s looking handsome as hell

11Man of the woods. My grandpa in the early 70's

12My great grandfather when he was the chief of my reserve (the 1970s)

13My hilarious father (with the magazine) and my grandfather, grandmother, and uncle at his bar mitzvah in 1972

14My grandmother turned 98 this week. This is her in her full nursing uniform during WWII

15My grandpa in the 1970’s when he was playing with the Temptations(he is the main trumpet in their song papa was a rolling stone)

16My grandma and step great grandpa just having a smoke in 1947

17Cool and classy, my grandmother 1950s

18My grandfather (right) with Elvis Presley (left) in post-war Germany, Late 1950's

19 My grandparents in 1960, on a date. My favorite picture

20My grandfather was a Hispanic Conan O'Brien (1957)

21I found this picture of my grandmother from the early 1950s

22An old photo of my grandmother

23Today, my grandmother showed me a picture of her on a date with my grandfather

24My Granddad died 10 years ago, and my grandmother hasn't been the same since. This is her favorite picture of them from 1948

25My great grandmother, born in 1899, never met her, but definitely a legend


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