Subtitles made for the hearing-impaired often have to illustrate, using only the words they can put on the screen, sounds that the hearing-impaired may not have ever heard. Either that or for foreign languages. These are the absolute worst examples of closed captioning FAILs that the Internet has to offer. The worst, of course, always end up being the funniest, so get ready to see some really damn funny subtitles from TV, movies and cartoons.

26Me in real life

27God in heaven I can't caption this

28I don't know

29Chromecast just mismatched subtitles for my kids show with an episode from Code Black. I've decided to keep them playing

30Was trying to remember if her name was Cheryl or Carol. Threw on the subtitles to see if they'd help

31Glad I left the Swedish subtitles on for the whole movie

32I figured out what type of music the introduction for law and order is, thanks to Netflix subtitles

33Cries in vegan



36You had one job, subtitles

37Just turned on the subtitles during a tennis match

38Peanuts growling

39Love these Archer subtitles

40Subtitles that go above and beyond

41Spot on


43The last subtitle of the show stayed up during the commercial break


45Screams of the dying

46Twin Peaks in a nutshell

47Krabby Patties get the best captions

48Rip Stefan Karl

49They sure are

50Groan existentially


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