Subtitles made for the hearing-impaired often have to illustrate, using only the words they can put on the screen, sounds that the hearing-impaired may not have ever heard. Either that or for foreign languages. These are the absolute worst examples of closed captioning FAILs that the Internet has to offer. The worst, of course, always end up being the funniest, so get ready to see some really damn funny subtitles from TV, movies and cartoons.

1I think something is wrong with Amazon's subtitles

2Netflix's subtitle game is spot on

3Was watching Archer with the subtitles on. This is how they spell everything the Russians say


5Fully and easily

6When air bud was featured as a guest commentator for an NBA game

7Trumpet sounds

8YouTube’s auto-subtitles make Chowder a LOT stranger

9When you finger slips just a bit

10Um... What?

11Thanks, subtitles

12Subtitle captioning at its finest

13The subtitle writer understands

14I see what you did there subtitle man

15The most accurate subtitle ever

16That subtitle subtlety

17Excellent subtitles, Netflix

18Descriptive subtitles

19Nailed It

20I woke up my wife laughing at this subtitle

21Those subtitles

22Why you should always watch Pingu with the subtitles turned on

23They warned me the walking dead was gruesome

24When they don't pay you enough for the work you do

25Cursed Arthur


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