To say that life is full of dangerous surprises is the understatement of the year. No matter who you are, what you’re doing, or where you live, tragedy can strike at any time. Sometimes it’s just a minor mishap, but other times it can be a matter of life and death. Sometimes somebody takes a photograph so perfectly timed that it can never be recreated, no matter how hard you try. Check out the list below for funny pictures taken seconds from an accident. Compiled by PiQueen, the collection is sure to make you laugh, and maybe also wince a little.

51Took a picture of my parents on a boat with a rope swing. Attempted backflip went wrong

52Swinging gone wrong

53Striking the wrong ball in a football match

54Volleyball, you're doing it wrong

55Unlucky swan hits a powerline

56Old baby. My son just as he plopped down from standing

57Best Friends

58A friend snapped a picture of the police the instant they were spraying him with mace

59Mom said, 'Throw the bucket!' meaning just the water but Grandma took it too literally

60During a long plane ride, you get thirsty


62This is why you should always wear a helmet

63Well that didn’t go as planned

64The moment just before impact

65My son batting a ball back into my daughter's face

66Leafs-Hurricanes game


68That moment the goat rushed head first

69That guilty smile

70This is me after trying to save my boss. I didn't help her. I didn't help anyone

71Balls up

72Man on fire

73My buddy took a mountain biking trip with his family this week

74The photographer at my brother's wedding caught the exact moment and reason for my wipeout

75The Moth


  1. Apart from that poor bird that hit the power line, which I presume is dead, I hope that nobody was seriously injured.

    Hilarious pictures, though!


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