To say that life is full of dangerous surprises is the understatement of the year. No matter who you are, what you’re doing, or where you live, tragedy can strike at any time. Sometimes it’s just a minor mishap, but other times it can be a matter of life and death. Sometimes somebody takes a photograph so perfectly timed that it can never be recreated, no matter how hard you try. Check out the list below for funny pictures taken seconds from an accident. Compiled by PiQueen, the collection is sure to make you laugh, and maybe also wince a little.

1Caught my brother falling skim boarding while taking a picture of my wife and daughter

2Me falling into a lake in Croatia

3He’s falling

4Sloane Stephens' reaction to her trophy lid falling off

5Catching a falling hotdog

6Old pic of the brother falling off a porch chair

7My sister dropping me circa 1993

8Took a photo at the exact moment my boyfriend was bitten by his squirrel friend

9Falling Glasses

10Falling off a surfboard

11Falling at the finish line

12Horse and rider falling

13Giant Jenga tower falling

14Jockey falling off a horse

15Little brother falling in the river

16XVIII century reenactor falling down with his horse

17Little cousin before falling from his accidental wheelie

18A Cowboy falling into manure

19Falling off a longboard

20Girl falling off her horse

21My friend fell into the pier after he lost control of his bike

22Scooter kid falling after a grind


24Falling down

25That one Christmas when a champagne cork hit me in the eye


  1. Apart from that poor bird that hit the power line, which I presume is dead, I hope that nobody was seriously injured.

    Hilarious pictures, though!


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