Dental appointments tend to bring out great fear and anxiety, even for adults. Fortunately, they also provide a real opportunity for humor. We have compiled a list of random dentist acts of comedy, proving some of them can make anyone smile with humor instead of their tools.

51My dentist's office gives me the creeps

52Saw this at my dentist's today

53My Dentist's annual reminder card

54A painting in my dentist's waiting room

55The dentist couldn’t stop laughing when this kid dressed up as Annabelle showed up in his clinic

56My coworker got his wisdom teeth removed the other day. The doctor said he would take a funny picture while he was under anesthesia

57Nice to see my dentist has a sense of humor

58My friend went into the dentist today dressed like this

59This bottle opener I got from my dentist

60My funny dentist

61Saw this on a map at my dentist's office

62My dentist = confusing yet inspiring

63I love my new dentist's office

64The view from my dentist's chair is kinda creepy

65Took the kids to a new dentist and they were assaulted by this guy

66That awkward feeling when your dentist is relying on WebMD

67My cousin's costume. He's a dentist...and yes, he's at work

68Saw this at my doctor's office today

69My friend's son had his first trip to the dentist the other day. I'm not sure he approved

70My husband got this postcard in the mail from his dentist. Time to find a new dentist

71Took the kids to the dentist. So much for sleep tonight

72Another reason to shun the dentist – creepy Doraemon dolls with teeth

73Cute dentist toys for kids

74Educational dentist toys are horrifying

75Presenting stuffed animals with human teeth


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