Dental appointments tend to bring out great fear and anxiety, even for adults. Fortunately, they also provide a real opportunity for humor. We have compiled a list of random dentist acts of comedy, proving some of them can make anyone smile with humor instead of their tools.

26Met this terrifying thing at the dentist

27My roommate's dentist has the best appointment reminders

28This is why children are afraid of the dentist

29Dentist in my hometown is trying to pull in a more adult crowd

30This teddy bear is supposed to make kids feel more at ease at the dentist

31I'm at the dentist, and they have this statue here

32A fire alarm went off while MY friend was at the dentist

33Dent, the Witch's Familiar

34Oh god... No... Anything but that

35Saw this at my dentist's office yesterday

36WiFi password at the Dentist's office

37The parking lines at my dentist's parking lot are shaped like teeth

38Just had my first visit to the dentist in a long while. Terrified of them for some reason. This guy’s waiting room managed to help me relax with a laugh

39Old dental tools on display at a dentists office

40My best friend is a dentist and this is awesome

41My dentist goes a little over the top creating a soothing environment

42Friend works at a dentist office, she sent me this earlier

43There is a very uneasy looking starfish with teeth at my dentist

44My view from the dentist's chair

45My brother sent this pic of the reading material at his dentist

46The dentist believed this would be a comforting ornament to overlook her office

47I saw this walking out of my son's dentist appointment

48Life, as seen by my dentist

49My friend saw this at her kid's dentist office

50My dentist has this hanging in her office


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