Dental appointments tend to bring out great fear and anxiety, even for adults. Fortunately, they also provide a real opportunity for humor. We have compiled a list of random dentist acts of comedy, proving some of them can make anyone smile with humor instead of their tools.

1In Spanish-speaking countries, the tooth fairy is a mouse (Ratoncito Pérez). This is my dentist office

2When the anesthesia kicks in and you end up meeting your animal spirit guide at the Dentist's office

3This was in my dentist's waiting room

4My local dentist has a ceiling Where's Wally for patients during appointments

5A dentist in my hometown always keeps something humorous on his sign

6A local dentist is trying to pass off the turd emoji as toothpaste

7Forgot I had a dentist appointment and didn't have time to change. They think I am crazy in the waiting room

8This horrific Spongebob stained glass panel at the dentist

9Not a fan of going to the dentist, but whenever I do this always gives me a laugh

10This dentist's waiting room

11This dentist doesn't sound that bad

12Yes Archer makes getting a filling easier

13Before internet reviews

14I got sent to a dentist that treat patients with really bad anxiety, and they have therapy dogs there to help calm you down before you go in

15Sign in the parking lot of my dentist

16The dentist knows what's up

17Rachel has the perfect name for a dentist

18Dentists are scared of you just as much as you're scared of them

19This was at my son's dentist office

20My dentist still has Mario 64 in the lobby

21My dentist had to work during the game and posted this sign

22I went to the dentist for tooth pain, I got my x-rays taken and the dental assistant said my wisdom teeth were like something out of a textbook

23My cousin just came back from the dentist

24The bike rack at this dentist office looks like it's being squeezed out of a tube of toothpaste

25My little cousin decided to pull a prank on the dentist this morning


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