Being on airplane can be exciting and exhausting at the same time, it mainly depends on the passengers and the crew of your flight. Luckily these passengers had something interesting in the airplane which made their flight more fun.

People like to post their experiences online, and then we here at Pi Queen pick out the best ones for you! So keep on scrolling to take a look at the list of pics that anyone who has been on an airplane can relate to.

26Puppy on his first flight

27A flight attendant on my GF's plane looks like he's about to announce some hunger games stuff

28So about halfway through my flight I heard a loud POP, looked out my window at a bolt that flew off the prop and broke through the outer pane

29This happened to the plane mid-flight, The whole plane shook and our collective buttholes puckered

30The flight attendant rushed out of the bathroom

31The most uncomfortable flight of my life

32My neighbor is a flight attendant. He just posted this photo of someone's 'therapy pet' on his flight

33The guy had a brought seat for his Cello. Flight attendants would walk past and tell him he couldn't have it there and he kept producing a ticket for the seat

34So apparently there's a little kid in front of us on this flight

35This flight is going nowhere near Disney World

36Someone brought a horse named Apple on one of our planes today as an 'emotional support' pet

37Caught this little guy staring at me on my flight

38Saw a Porsche in the bottom of a Delta Commercial flight

39I paid for in-flight wi-fi so i could tweet this immediately

40I found this about 20 miles west of Orlando on a flight today

41There they fixed it, AirIndia flight

42Woman invents an entirely new way of being inconsiderate on a long flight!

43'Heavenhound'. Literally, one of the last shirts you want to see on your flight

44These guys were on my flight the other day

45This guy was on my 12-hour flight to Korea. He's obviously done this once or twice

46Someone is excited about the flight

47These guys were on MY flight the other day

48So this happened to my flight when we were on board

49From a friend's snapshot pre-takeoff

50This pilot has a sense of humor


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