Being on airplane can be exciting and exhausting at the same time, it mainly depends on the passengers and the crew of your flight. Luckily these passengers had something interesting in the airplane which made their flight more fun.

People like to post their experiences online, and then we here at Pi Queen pick out the best ones for you! So keep on scrolling to take a look at the list of pics that anyone who has been on an airplane can relate to.

1I raise you one first-class panda bear

2This dude was in the first class

3My dad had a real first class experience last night on his flight

My dad said that he believes that he got bored watching the inflight movie, got really drunk and started to fight with other passengers.

4Don't fly with crazy

5First time flying

6Today on my flight it was a passenger's birthday, so a flight attendant made him a crown out of peanut bags and those little swords that they put in cocktail drinks

7My brothers picked me up from the airport, It was a full plane

8My friend's dad texted him and said he's on the same plane as some rapper who is 'super high' then sent him this

9My friend was in a plane and spotted this island

10My girlfriend’s sister sat behind a good boy on the plane today

11So this is how the screens on the plane froze when the pilot gave an announcement

12Not too reassuring when taking the plane

13The plane leaves when?

14Saw this lady on the plane

15I was the only passenger on a 160 seat plane

16Saudi Prince buys 80 seats on a plane for his 80 hawks

17Just met Ron Swanson on my plane

18The guy with a headache was escorted off the plane by hazmat here in Dallas

19The plane started on fire. Let me take a selfie, then evacuate

20My friend was on a plane when suddenly

21Snake on a plane

22My plane created a rainbow stamped shadow of itself on the clouds below

23Hurley from Lost is on my flight to LAX. The plane in lost was on its way to LAX. I think this means I'm screwed

24This guy took off his belt on the plane and used it to tie his head to his seat

25The plane landed safely, but the seats will never be clean again


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