The world relies on rules and regulations to run in an orderly fashion. But there are a few people out there who are rebels. They won’t follow your rules – they’re their own masters. This post is for the first-world anarchists – the revolutionaries who don’t care about your rules.

OK, so maybe they aren’t REALLY rebels, but these pictures are still hilarious. Most of them involve finding some sort of public notice that announces a not-all-that-important rule or request and then blatantly violating it. My personal favorites are the ones that interpret a given warning differently than it was intended – when they wrote “No Diving” on the side of that pool, I’m sure they didn’t mean “No Scuba Divers Allowed.”


2Leprechaun anarchist

3They know what they are doing

4All Bills

5Screw the system

6Upstanding citizens

7God Save the Queen

8Is milk not dairy?

9This vending machine has graduated to a new level of anarchy

10A fair response

11Good boy goes bad

12Too Late

13Smokers at a Walmart

14Look at these monsters

15No High Five

16Anarchy on anarchy

17She doesn't care

18Irish Anarchist

19Anarchist Tree

20Headless Man Strikes Again

21He gets it

22Don't Step on Grass

23Thank You

24Do not count

25Anarchist Sunflower


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