Russia is a cool country (literally). While in other countries walking your reindeer or throwing a cat might seem weird but to Russians, that’s just another day in their lives. Russians create new ways to make everyday tasks look crazy. So we have made a list of absurd images from a normal day in Russia.

51Car heater

52Harry Potter - Slav version

53Segway in Russia

54Retractable hardtop

55An average day in a Russian village

56What level of friendzone is this?

57We need more hands


59Babushka will not cry

60Protestor chucking live stray cats at McDonald's employees

61The ATM is way up high

62Hookah on the go

63Refrigerated Aquarium


65A normal day in President's life

66When you are a Lvl 90 death knight but always remember to help

67Peppa pig’s car

68A regular day in Mother Russia

69Street dog with a knife

70Mother Russia

71A normal Russian subway

72Punishment for getting caught smoking on duty

73No Exit sign perfectly translated in Russia

74I got no context in here

75Sunny days in Russia


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