Russia is a cool country (literally). While in other countries walking your reindeer or throwing a cat might seem weird but to Russians, that’s just another day in their lives. Russians create new ways to make everyday tasks look crazy. So we have made a list of absurd images from a normal day in Russia.

26Clean energy revolution

27Damn it, my Tank got clamped again!

28A normal Russian birthday party

29Seals dressed in military uniforms

30Nothing out of ordinary

31When you crash your cars and wait for traffic police

32Russia is a very cold country, but with warm-hearted babushkas

33Voting in Russia

34Santa comes early in Russia

35Russian closet

36Only in Russia

37Fashion Police, Ukrainian edition

38Grade 7 teacher with her students

39Igor is boy no more

40Orthodox priest blessing weapons

41True love

42On a movie set


44Dumpster Music

45In Soviet Russia, there is no right to arm bears

46Dad's working

47Ivan, tell me who touched you

48Russian anthem starts to play

492000s Russia was an interesting place

50Productive in the park


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