Russia is a cool country (literally). While in other countries walking your reindeer or throwing a cat might seem weird but to Russians, that’s just another day in their lives. Russians create new ways to make everyday tasks look crazy. So we have made a list of absurd images from a normal day in Russia.

1A normal business meeting in Russia

2Wedding Photos

3Most Russian photo ever


5Recycling is a subversive capitalist plot

6Just your average LAN Party

7Very Subtle KGB

8A normal backyard party

91999 Russian newsroom

10That's one way to make a bad Job fun

11She's a badass

12Parking in Russia

13No need to walk

14Kids in Russia receiving ultraviolet therapy because sunlight is so scarce where they live

15How to fix a pothole

16Russian Selfie Stick

17A Barbie convention in Russia

18Ninja Turtles

19Ingenious Fix

20Bears enjoying music

21Hot Tub in Russia

22Frosty Freshness

23Frozen waterfall on a building

24Tactical Pram

25Don't you take my parking spot


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