Because shadows are pretty much everywhere you look it’s all too easy to forget that they’re actually there, unless of course something catches your eye and causes you to look twice. We at PiQueen have compiled a list of all the times that shadows refused to do as they were told, and took on a life of their own. Scroll down below to check out these 75 rather unusual shadows created from the most random of objects.

51Symmetrical shadow

52The shadows line up with the yellow stripes

53The shadow resembles a piano keyboard

54Perfectly aligned lightpost shadow

55My dog's shadow turned me into a centaur

56The shadows of these windows make an optical illusion

57This restaurant uses shadows to show men and women restrooms

58Shadow of a Man in my bathroom made by a tissue

59The statue has a different pose from its shadow

60The sign outside Domino's creates a slice-shaped shadow

61Shadow gives this mannequin a fabulous mustache

62The shadow of this Breakfast sign says 'BREAST'

63The shadow of this juice glass looks like a rose

64My clothes steamer casts a shadow that looks like a witch

65My round lamp throws a triangular shadow

66The shadow this truck is casting is really interesting

67The shadow of this melted planter looks like the Death Star under construction

68The shadow of this wind chime looks like the starship Enterprise

69The light & shadow in my office spells out 'oil'

70The interesting shadow created from my light shade!

71The top to my gas tank casts the shadow of Batman at the right angle

72The hats on this hatrack cast a shadow in the shape of a face

73Took a picture of my friend at night. His shadow kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln

74My friend noticed the shadow of my hair formed a near perfect 55

75Two girls casting a gorilla shadow


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