The International Space Station, a habitable satellite whirling around the Earth approximately 16 times per day in low orbit, has an Instagram feed displaying the equipment on board as well as stunning pictures of the Earth from a distance. We have collected 75+ awesome pics from this Instagram account for you to enjoy.

26Astronaut Drew Feustel pictured tethered to the International Space Station during a spacewalk

27A portion of the Innamincka Regional Reserve, surrounded by the Strzlecki Desert, is seen in the northeast part of the South Australia

28Here are an incredible photo highlighting the beauty of Earth

29Scenes from the arrival of the first Commercial Crew vehicle, the SpaceX Crew Dragon, at the International Space Station

30An amazing shot of Red Sea from 250 miles above

31The snow-capped tips of the Andes Mountains range

32The Amazon River, and its surrounding lakes, cuts through the South American country of Brazil.

33The city of Perth, Garden Island and Rottnest Island as pictured from the International Space Station

34Ash plume from the Kilauea volcano on the big island of Hawaii pictured on May 12, 2018, from ISS

35The Rio de la Plata and the Atlantic coasts of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil are pictured from the International Space Station.

36A portion of the robotic arm and stormy clouds seen in the north Pacific Ocean as the ISS orbited off the eastern coast of Russia

37Houston, Texas, the home of NASA's Johnson Space Center, and Galveston Bay are pictured from ISS at an altitude of about 250 miles

38Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

39Mexico, Baja California and the southern coast of California are pictured as ISS orbited above the Pacific Ocean

40The clear blue waters surrounding the islands of the Bahamas

41The International Space Station was flying 256 miles above Canada

42ISS crew photographed the Middle East region and its unique natural and man-made geography

43The Expedition 55 crew continued work with Veggie-03 experiment, watering the lettuce plants, documenting growth and selecting some for consumption

44Baja California and the northwestern coast of Mexico

45The International Space Station orbits above the Falkland Islands off the coast of the southern-most portion of Argentina

46NASA astronaut Jack Fischer photographed the SpaceX Dragon capsule as it reentered Earth's atmosphere (bright streak at lower left)

47A portion of the Himalayan mountain range as the International Space Station orbited about 250 miles above

48Grand Canyon from the International Space Station

49The International Space Station is providing a research platform today to help future astronauts navigate deep space in the Orion spacecraft

50NASA astronaut Mark Vande Hei jogs while attached to a treadmill inside the space station.


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