The International Space Station, a habitable satellite whirling around the Earth approximately 16 times per day in low orbit, has an Instagram feed displaying the equipment on board as well as stunning pictures of the Earth from a distance. We have collected 75+ awesome pics from this Instagram account for you to enjoy.

1The aurora australis, also known as the “southern lights,” is pictured as the International Space Station orbited 265 miles above the Indian Ocean

2Astronaut Anne McClain will robotically capture the Cygnus cargo craft packed with 7,600 pounds of science

3The Cygnus space freighter arrives at the International Space Station for its robotic capture carrying

4250 miles above our home planet

5ISS experiences about 16 sunrises and sunsets each day. This is just one of today’s several Easter sunrises

6View of Japan from the International Space Station looks from north to south

7It's pizza night aboard the station! The Expedition 59 crew makes personal-size pizzas with all the toppings and fixings you would find in an ordinary kitchen on Earth

8The Sun's glint lights up the waters in The North Atlantic Ocean

9Spacewalkers David Saint-Jacques and Anne McClain conducted a six-and-a-half-hour spacewalk April 8, 2019, to establish a redundant path of power to the Canadian-built robotic arm, known as Canadarm2, and install cables to provide for more expansive wireless communications coverage outside the orbital complex.

10Expedition 59 Flight Engineer David Saint-Jacques of the Canadian Space Agency takes a quick self portrait while working outside the International Space Station

11Astronaut David Saint-Jacques prepares U.S. spacesuits in March for the April spacewalks

12The crew aboard the station took some incredible photographs of the northern California wildfires

13The International Space Station orbits 256 miles above the Aegean Sea. This view looks from east to west, from Greece to the boot of Italy and the island of Sicily

14City lights and the aurora are pictured during a nighttime pass as the International Space Station

15One of four basketball court-sized main solar arrays that power the International Space Station contrasts the bright blue glow of Earth

16Spacewalkers and NASA astronauts Christina Koch and Nick Hague

17NASA astronaut Anne McClain takes a ‘space-selfie’ with her helmet visor up 260 miles above the Earth's surface during a six-hour, 39-minute spacewalk that took place March 22, 2019

18NASA astronaut Nick Hague is tethered to the International Space Station

19ISS flying over the Namib Desert,

20NASA astronaut Nick Hague, seemingly curtained by the International Space Station's solar arrays, retrieves batteries and adapter plates from an external pallet

21SpaceX Dragon capsule's orbital path took it over the boot of Italy on its way to the space station

22Lagoons in the Crimea between the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea

23Amazing shot of Cuba from orbit 250 miles above Earth!

24The Soyuz MS-12 spacecraft that launched three new Expedition 59-60 crew members to the International Space Station

25SpaceX Dragon cargo module in the grips of robotic arm as the ISS orbits above Northern Africa


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