For every person who says that winter is harsh and bitter, there is another who sees it as a season full of incredible sights and experiences. Need proof? Just check out these amazing photos of strange winter occurrences. Some seem like science projects, while others seem like fantastical coincidences, but one thing is certain—photos like these have never been taken in summertime.

Winter season is full of amazement, if you take the time to look for it. Take a walk around in the winter wonderland in your own neighborhood and you might be surprised what you find. If you haven’t seen any winter wonders or live somewhere it doesn’t snow, don’t worry, we at Pi Queen have compiled a list 75 images showcasing amazing phenomenon people have noticed during winter.

51So windy that the birdbath froze in a wave

52The way this ice froze to this branch makes it look like an ice snake

53It's so cold outside where I live that frost has formed on the inside of my doorknob

54The horses were standing so still that their shadows still have frost

55The frost on this plastic outdoor chair makes it look embroidered

56The way the frost formed on the screen around my deck

57Morning frost looks like it’s painted

58The frost formed a very cool pattern on my window this morning

59The frost made a unique pattern on my side mirror

60Inverted footprints after a warm-ish day followed by flash freezing in Nova Scotia

61The freezing effect of cars driving through a puddle over time

62Worm frozen overnight wiggled out of his ice skin

63I walked across a frozen lake and the ice was all jagged

64All this duckweed that got blown by the wind and then frozen under the ice created a cool marble pattern

65Left water in a bucket overnight, came out with an Ice Shark

66My friend's windmill after the ice storm this weekend

67Enormous icicle formed by cold nitrogen outlet at my university

68Last night's mixture of rain and snow left a weird ice formation on my driveway

69Snow is peeling off this planter

70Snow peeling off my bobcat tire

71Icy snow bending off the fence

72Snow imprint of a bird catching a mouse

73The wind shifted the snow on top of this street lamp

74Leaking Hose Froze and Rose

75The snow only stuck to the road this morning


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