For every person who says that winter is harsh and bitter, there is another who sees it as a season full of incredible sights and experiences. Need proof? Just check out these amazing photos of strange winter occurrences. Some seem like science projects, while others seem like fantastical coincidences, but one thing is certain—photos like these have never been taken in summertime.

Winter season is full of amazement, if you take the time to look for it. Take a walk around in the winter wonderland in your own neighborhood and you might be surprised what you find. If you haven’t seen any winter wonders or live somewhere it doesn’t snow, don’t worry, we at Pi Queen have compiled a list 75 images showcasing amazing phenomenon people have noticed during winter.

26The snow rolled off my windshield

27The snow on my table spins around as it melts

28The wind turned the first layer of snow

29Finnish Lapland trees covered in snow

30The snow sliding off my shed is starting to fold over itself

31This fence blocks the sun from melting the snow on the other side

32The way this ice froze looks like a topographic map

33This spider web froze overnight

34The way rain froze on my parents’ car as they drove through an ice storm

35It's fall out of one of my windows, winter out the other

36The line separating my neighbor's properties makes the difference between fall and winter

37My neighbor's house encased in ice after the recent blizzard in Ohio (on the shore of Lake Erie)

38Large ice crystals in Switzerland

39Leaky gutter coated Jack Skellington in ice

40The Confederation Bridge in Canada cuts ice like french fries

41Ice balls formed around the grass at a truck stop in Nebraska. 45 degrees and sunny outside

42This ice made a complete circle on a signpost

43This layer of ice looks like cling film

44Ice on my wheel after driving through Wyoming

45Ice formation in the dirt

46The ice that formed around this sign fell halfway down the pole without breaking

47The ice on my windshield looks like a bird attack

48Winter on one side of the road and fall on the other

49It's so cold in the bathroom at work that the toilet water froze today

50It was so cold in Ottawa last month that the soft drinks in the foyer of this supermarket froze


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