For every person who says that winter is harsh and bitter, there is another who sees it as a season full of incredible sights and experiences. Need proof? Just check out these amazing photos of strange winter occurrences. Some seem like science projects, while others seem like fantastical coincidences, but one thing is certain—photos like these have never been taken in summertime.

Winter season is full of amazement, if you take the time to look for it. Take a walk around in the winter wonderland in your own neighborhood and you might be surprised what you find. If you haven’t seen any winter wonders or live somewhere it doesn’t snow, don’t worry, we at Pi Queen have compiled a list 75 images showcasing amazing phenomenon people have noticed during winter.

1The snow has settled only on the outline of the bricks on my friend's driveway

2The shadow left the snow on the roof untouched

3Perfect coating of snow on my car

4Christmas lights under snow

5This is flat farmland in Eastern Colorado with windblown/melted patches of snow creating a crazy 3D illusion

6The snow and ice in this pic looks like the ocean

7The snow on this patio table looks like a pastry pie

8The way the snow melted in my university's courtyard makes the floor look like a video game

9The way this snow stayed in place when the trunk was opened and closed

10A thin streak of snow across Ohio

11The way the snow formed on top of the bushes looks like a pillow topper

12The wind formed a snow wave in our backyard

13Snow is curling off this roof

14Some snow blew in through the crack

15It's so cold that the steam from the sewer grate turns into snow

16A drift of snow creeping up a pole in Nebraska

17This photo taken in the Algerian Desert of sand covered snow looks like Tiramisu

18Snow melted to form a mustache on my car this morning

19The way the snow drifted under a tiny gap in our garage door

20The 'STOP' lettering on the front side of this sign is refracting more light than the red, allowing the snow on the opposite side to heat slower, forming a mirror of 'STOP' on the back

21The heat from the manhole created a smiley face in the snow

22The snow slid off the roof partway before freezing again, creating horizontal icicles

23So my dad decided to do something with all the snow we're getting

24Snow rollers formed this week in N.J. when the wind hit the snow just right

25What 60 feet of snow cleared in Japan looks like


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