Sure, Game of Thrones was an epic fantasy with dragons and zombies and evil queens. But it’s also got the cutest cast in the world who are all ridiculously good-looking and all friends with each other! From the looks of it, they are always hanging out together, always having fun, and always laughing…when the cameras aren’t rolling, that is. Once they are, they’re poisoning each other and burning each other to a crisp with fire-breathing dragons. We have collected 75+ Awesome Behind the Scene Pics From Games of Thrones for you to enjoy.

1Together with Gwendoline Christie

2Day 1

3House Lannister

4Season 1 behind the scenes

5Ser Brienne of Tarth. A knight of the seven kingdoms

6Game of thrones stunt doubles


8Happy International yoga day from Merteen

9Jamie Lannister and his creepy extra arm behind the scenes

10Emilia Clarke’s selfie from season 1

11Best selfie

12Nikolaj Coster-Waldau celebrating his birthday in chains, season 2

13David Benioff and Wun Wun the giant


15The nights watch holding umbrellas

16Knight King in Make-up

17The Dragon and the Wolf

18Me and my new bestie

19Emilia Clarke with crew from season 5

20King Tommen falling out of the window

21Red woman reality

22Walk of Shame Prep

23Shame 🔔🔔🔔

24Actors Charles dance and Julian Glover taking a break during the filming of season 4 in Dubrovnik

25Sansa sleeping in between takes


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