Animals often have instincts and senses more impressive than ours. They can see farther, smell better, and certain animals can also run faster, jumper higher, and basically do everything better than us. But if there’s one thing that unites all animals and humans, it’s the fact that animals, just like us, aren’t immune to looking ridiculous every once in awhile. Check out this list, compiled by us, to see what we mean.

26Looks like he took a break from the interstate, wondering if he will ever get over the break up

27Roomba, the NOPE of dog world

28The morning dew perfectly captured my dog's erratic freedom run

29This guy was chillin with his dog in London

30This cat was fully shaved except for its face

31When you want a golden retriever but are only allowed to get a cat

32I farted and my dog moved to the far side of the sofa and has been looking at me like this since

33My friend's dog ate a pot brownie yesterday

34My dog's facial expressions when I didn't turn towards the dog park

35So, my dog met Santa Claus

36While I was out of town, my sister sent me an update on our dog

37My friends' dogs. Walter hates Max

38My dog ran away. After hours of looking I came home to this

39So a pigeon with a dart in the head just landed outside

40When my dog sits like this, we call him fancy feet

41I think my husband broke the dog

42Wife sent this after picking up our dog after surgery today. She says he's 'still under the influence'

43I think my dog just died a little bit on the inside when I didn't give her the last bite of my burger

44My dog put his face in the snow. When he lifted his head the snow and some grass made it look like he had buck teeth

45This is what cat engagement photos would look like

46This is why my pants always have a line of cat fur across the leg

47This dog at my pup's daycare looks like he's having a Vietnam flashback or a bad acid trip

48I’m cat sitting. He didn’t even let me finish before claiming it

49"I'm really sorry, they got me driving 14 hours a day in this thing and also I'm a dog"

50Don't know if I missed an email, but apparently, I'm late for a meeting with my cat


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