If you have ever forgotten something so obvious that it almost made you laugh, then these pics might make you feel better. There’s no need to worry about premature memory loss just yet as it turns out it’s just how our brain works.

When these unfortunate events do happen, and that important thing that we were supposed to remember gets thrown under the bus, some epic fails are bound to happen. We here at Pi Queen have compiled a list of funny photos when a crucial detail was forgotten, with hilarious results. Thankfully none of these funny people, their partners, and poor pets were hurt because of these scatterbrained shenanigans.

51I forgot to wash the rice cooker before going on vacation

52I forgot I was making caramel at work. It's a tad overcooked

53My employee forgot to close the bathroom window last night. I think it's a baby hawk

54Sooo I forgot I had potatoes

55We forgot to tell our cat that we had a baby

56Forgot to close the lid

57Someone forgot to lock the door. Guess who found his way into our shop?

58This cop forgot his bike lock and improvised

59I accidentally made Vantablack when I forgot about my pizza

60I was walking around my neighborhood when I saw that somebody forgot their Halloween decoration

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61I forgot to feed the dog the other morning. The wife sent me this

62A neighbor bought a car at auction, they forgot to clean out the trunk

63Taco bell forgot my nachos

64It was raining in the cloud forest and I forgot my umbrella

65For those times you forgot the bike is on the roof of the car

66I forgot to bring my headphones to work today and I just got this picture from my wife

67My mom's tree service forgot their ladder

68I think subway forgot something

69Forgot the spatula. It doesn't even matter. We're camping

70Uhh, excuse me officer, but it looks like you forgot something


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