If you have ever forgotten something so obvious that it almost made you laugh, then these pics might make you feel better. There’s no need to worry about premature memory loss just yet as it turns out it’s just how our brain works.

When these unfortunate events do happen, and that important thing that we were supposed to remember gets thrown under the bus, some epic fails are bound to happen. We here at Pi Queen have compiled a list of funny photos when a crucial detail was forgotten, with hilarious results. Thankfully none of these funny people, their partners, and poor pets were hurt because of these scatterbrained shenanigans.

26Girlfriend forgot her razor, but not the refills. I MacGyver'd the rest

27I think you forgot something

28My mother comes in and says, 'Bought this 20 years ago, totally forgot about it here'

29The one and only time I forgot to put up the baby gate before I showered

30I went to the bathroom and forgot to shut the door

31The guy at my school forgot something this morning

32Truck driver forgot to uncouple the container on his trailer in the Rotterdam harbor

33Looks like someone forgot their bag of pizza at the bus stop

34Found these cleaning air ducts. I think someone forgot their lunch

35Someone in our lab forgot proper attire today

36My friend came home from a mini-vacation and forgot to change the kitty litter. This morning she's brushing her teeth and hears a little tinkle

37My friend forgot her fork today

38I just got a new phone and this was one of the photos the previous owner forgot to delete

39My friend forgot his Coke in the freezer

40Tim forgot the ladder, so Tim is the ladder

41My buddy forgot to set his e-brake when unloading his boat

42At least it didn’t get on her shirt

43I found Batman glasses and forgot I left them in my grandpa's car. He sent me this picture

44Someone forgot this at my grocery store

45We go to a school with a uniform policy that requires a belt. My friend forgot his belt and did this

46So my aunt forgot to put a baby lock on one of her cabinets

47Forgot to set a timer when boiling eggs. The sound of them exploding reminded me

48I knew I forgot something outside last night

49A friend sent me this tiny toy. I think she forgot that I live at 10,000 feet

50It is always embarrassing when you pull away from the gas station and realize you forgot to close the gas cap!


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