Programmers have been hiding things in video games since 1978 when programmer Warren Robinett decided that he deserved some credit for programming the game ‘Adventure’. He hid the words “Created By Warren Robinett” in a special room that you could only find by following a series of ridiculous steps. Since then, lots of programmers have gotten in on the Easter egg fun.

Well, the following places just might convince you that there are programmers in real life, playing with the Earth’s coding and leaving satisfying little Easter eggs for us to find, too. Some of these things are spooky, some hilarious, some rather awe-inspiring—and all seem to exist solely to reward the “player” for looking in just the right spot with something way out of the ordinary.

26Hidden underneath a packet of sweets

27In Harvard, I guess they really have dorms for everyone

28Kate Sheppard

Kate Sheppard, the woman who is credited with giving women the vote in New Zealand has her silhouette on traffic lights near Parliament

29Killroy engraving hidden on the WW2 memorial in Washington D.C.

30Label buried deep inside a suit pocket

31Lego heads at random facility. The one on the right is winking

32Magical Door

33Mini doors in the US Capitol building

34Mortar Man

35Motivational message on a fire starter

36On a wall in a park


38Potato Roast Recipe in a Meds Dosage Book

39Real Life Ant-Man

40Sign in the window of a building used as a filming location for Breaking Bad

41Small astronomer on the Russian streets

42Small church model on top of a street light

43Smiley faces under keyboard knobs

44Sneaky Homer

45Sneaky T.M.N.T.

46Snoopy in between bricks

47Some skateboarding mice

48Someone knit feet for this post box

49Spotted outside a medical lab in Paris

50At US National Postal Museum

The floor in the US National Postal Museum is designed to look like envelopes and letters with stamps.



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