Programmers have been hiding things in video games since 1978 when programmer Warren Robinett decided that he deserved some credit for programming the game ‘Adventure’. He hid the words “Created By Warren Robinett” in a special room that you could only find by following a series of ridiculous steps. Since then, lots of programmers have gotten in on the Easter egg fun.

Well, the following places just might convince you that there are programmers in real life, playing with the Earth’s coding and leaving satisfying little Easter eggs for us to find, too. Some of these things are spooky, some hilarious, some rather awe-inspiring—and all seem to exist solely to reward the “player” for looking in just the right spot with something way out of the ordinary.

1A fairy village in the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo

2A little crossover action

3A printed phone on the sidewalk

4Secret sloth on this drink bottle

5Sword in a stone in Somerset, England

6A Tiny Lego House

7Tiny warning for wizards and witches in Sydney Airport

8Apparently, there are crocodiles in the NYC subway

9Army man standing watch on an exit sign

10Brisbane's Tiny Door

11Butterfly with the number 88 on its wings

12Thx2 Allgamers

By moving the control stick down on a Nintendo Switch Pro controller you can see a message which says 'thx2 allgamefans!'

13The cast of Pixar's 'Cars' on Google Maps

14Darth Vader gargoyle on the National Cathedral, Washington D.C.

15Delorean on a city map

16Another DeLorean found on a Dinosaur museum’s wall mural.

17Don't Slap Pandas

18On the bottom of the pack

19Wall fixed with Lego bricks in Arnsberg, Germany

20Found behind some shelves in a store

21Found in a school library

22Gandalf on the ceiling of a New Zealand airport

23Guillotine on the roof of a building in NYC

24Hidden Mario in Las Vegas

25Hidden message on the PCB of a Boomerang III guitar pedal



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