Most of us have embarrassing photographs from our childhood that we’d rather forget. People in these pictures have embraced their every bad haircut and ill-fitting outfit to recreate their most cringe-worthy family snaps as adults. These kinds of family photo recreations make for a perfect gift for your loved ones, allows you to behave like a child again (if only for a little while), and, of course, it lets you and your sibling have a good giggle. Below is the list of the funniest and most creative photo recreations to get you inspired.

5115 Years Apart - She turned out Fine

52Then vs Now

53Then and Now

54Mum and dad then vs. now

55We were goofy even back then

56Father and son 11 years later

57From the beginning, he's always been giving me a helping hand. 23 years later, I've graduated from college and he's still there for me when I need him

5820 Years Later

59I convinced my parents to reenact their wedding photo 45 years later, including the same dress

60Made my mom laugh more than I've ever seen (18 years later re-creation)

61Finally. Waited in line for a good Star Wars movie 16 years later

62My best friend and I 10 years later

63True love. 30 years later and still going strong

64Father's Day - 18 years later. Still feeling the love

65The Berlin wall, years later

66Pizza and burger 18 years later

67My grandparents on their wedding night, and 60 years later

6821 years later

6925 years later

70Then and now 30+ years later by photographer Chris Porsz

71Cousins, 14 years later. Nothing has changed


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