Most of us have embarrassing photographs from our childhood that we’d rather forget. People in these pictures have embraced their every bad haircut and ill-fitting outfit to recreate their most cringe-worthy family snaps as adults. These kinds of family photo recreations make for a perfect gift for your loved ones, allows you to behave like a child again (if only for a little while), and, of course, it lets you and your sibling have a good giggle. Below is the list of the funniest and most creative photo recreations to get you inspired.

1Recreated my first Halloween 21 years later

2We had to put my dog of 16 years down yesterday, but before we did we recreated our favorite photo with him

3A father and son recreated an April snowstorm photo 35 years later

4Marine Corps Vietnam War Veterans recreate a photo after being apart for 50 years. Wow

5My husband was 3 months old when his father was killed in a car accident. As a Christmas gift to his grandmother this year, we recreated an old photo with our new son

6Photo recreation - showering siblings

7Recreated old photo of my dad holding me in 1983, now me holding my son 2014

8My baby brother graduated today. Here's our attempt at recreating a moment from 8 years ago

9For my grandmas 90th birthday we decided to recreate a classic from back in the day

10My family Christmas photo recreated 20 years later

111984 and 2013 - 29 years later, my brothers and I recreated our family vacation photo at the Texas State Capitol

12My brothers' and my gift for my parents

13My parents took pictures of us asleep in weird positions when we were kids. We recreated the photos as adults

14A friend recreated a photograph her mother took 29 years ago at Ayers Rock in Australia

15My brothers and I decided to recreate our mother's favorite photo of us for Mother's Day - 20 years apart

16Got a bit drunk and decided to recreate the stingray pic with my girlfriends

17My dad and I had the chance to take a trip we had taken once 15 years ago. Decided to recreate a photo as a tribute

18My dad gave me a hand-painted adult diaper for Xmas. Unfortunately, I knew what had to happen next. This is our 25-year photo recreation

19My family just recreated our photo in front of the NYC skyline from 1999

2033 years in the making, first attempt at photo recreation

21We recreated an old photo today

22Recreated my grandparent's wedding photo from 1954 at our own wedding

23My brothers and I recreated a portrait from our childhood 18 years later

24I and my cousins recreated a photo taken more than 18 years ago

25My siblings and I recreated a Christmas photo from 18 years ago! I'm the lamb


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