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70+ Images Which Prove That Everyting Can be Made Better With Googly Eyes

It’s the simple pleasures in life that make it all worthwhile. And, what simpler a pleasure is there than sticking googly eyes to random things then having a laugh about it?! It might sound infantile at first, but when you see the difference a set of googly eyes makes to various objects and even parts of animals, then you’ll understand what the fuss was all about.

51Someone put googly eyes on this tree branch along a river

52Googly eyes make everything less sinister

53Somebody has gone too far with googly eyes

54Buying those googly eyes was the best idea in a while. He looks so happy

55I put googly eyes on my Roomba and it turned out great

56Adding googly eyes makes any ad 100% more effective

57My wife randomly bought googly eyes. Now I know why

58Someone brought googly eyes into work today

59Someone googly-eyed the coffee machine at work

60My girlfriend put googly eyes on our dryer

61Googly eyes mannequin still seems to have an attitude

62I can’t stop giggling

63Rudolph the red nosed reindeer - Had some very googly eyes and if you ever saw them, you would marvel at their size

64Whoever put these googly eyes up in Baltimore is my new favorite person

65Googly eyes make everything better

66My friend is walking around the SLU campus and putting googly eyes on all the statues

67Maybe one-day putting googly eyes on things will not be fun for me. All I know is today is not that day

68The first order is frantically searching for the person who put googly eyes on this stormtrooper

69Some unknown rapscallion put googly eyes on the 9 megatons B53 nuclear weapon casing

70I have successfully replaced or modified my family photos using googly eyes and I predict no one will notice until after Christmas

71Googly eyes, they're watching you, they see your every move with Rapunzel across the Fremont bridge

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