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70+ Images Which Prove That Everyting Can be Made Better With Googly Eyes

It’s the simple pleasures in life that make it all worthwhile. And, what simpler a pleasure is there than sticking googly eyes to random things then having a laugh about it?! It might sound infantile at first, but when you see the difference a set of googly eyes makes to various objects and even parts of animals, then you’ll understand what the fuss was all about.

26Oh, the humanity

27Behold, my biggest fan

28Apparently putting googly eyes on the portrait of Jesus my parents have is 'not funny' and 'blasphemous'

29Spotted at NC State, they look horrified

30My family makes good use of googly eyes

31My mom put googly eyes on her shredder. Now she insists on making 'omnomnom' sounds when it shreds

32They make just about anything more delightful

33So, my friend made herself into 15-foot long cardboard velociraptor with googly eyes

34I put giant googly eyes on my fridge thinking it would be funny. Now I just feel like it's judging my eating habits

35Surprised lion

36Someone has been putting googly eyes on the movies at my store. This is my favorite so far

37I taped googly eyes to my old glasses and let my son try them on

38Mr. Trash wheel got his googly eyes

39Well placed googly eyes can make any day a hilarious wonderland

40Someone perfected it with the googly eyes

41Put some googly eyes on my pregnant wife's belly. Result- complete success

42Googly eyes make everything better

43I took my googly eyes to work and decorated my coworker's photos on his desk

44Google eyes aren't always funny

45Somebody did this at the gym

46VR headset needs googly eyes

47Sliced my finger open with a soup can lid and a package of googly eyes was within reach

48Someone put googly eyes on this picture in a sushi bar

49Someone decided to put googly eyes on a downed tree

50My wife keeps googly eyes in her purse at all times

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