It’s the simple pleasures in life that make it all worthwhile. And, what simpler a pleasure is there than sticking googly eyes to random things then having a laugh about it?! It might sound infantile at first, but when you see the difference a set of googly eyes makes to various objects and even parts of animals, then you’ll understand what the fuss was all about.

1Someone put googly-eyes on this card display at my local Walmart

2I put googly eyes on my trash can and it always looks concerned when it starts getting full

3Adding googly eyes to falconry hoods makes them 100% better

4Googly-eyed trees with giant beach balls

5My dad put googly eyes on everything in our refrigerator

6Somebody keeps putting googly eyes on the postboxes where I live

7Googly eyes sure do amplify character expressions

8Last week I bought my newly retired dad a bag of Googly-eyes. This morning, he sends me this

9It's always worth having a bag of googly eyes handy

10Appropriate use of a googly eye

11Stuck googly eyes to the bottom of my dog's mouth. What have I created?

12I put googly eyes on my drift car, haven't stopped laughing since

13I put googly eyes on my pooper scooper so I can chase the dogs around the yard with it saying give me your poopy

14I bought a bag of googly eyes and decided to play a joke on my family.

15A mysterious guest has been adding googly eyes to various signage around the store. This time they hit the pet aisles

16Best Application of Googly eyes

17My coworker keeps on placing his foot under our divider, so I added some googly eyes

18Took a few days of trying, but my friend finally placed googly eyes on her sleeping cat and got a picture

19I put googly eyes on a pug. I can't even tell the difference

20Googly eyes do make everything funnier

21From my garden this morning

22Found this outlet at my University

23Happy printer

24I don't think my coworker has noticed it yet

25I added eyes to my boss's desk plant. I hope she likes it


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